Monday, July 9, 2012

Premium Country Rocks

Who doesn’t love a nice country boy, right? Arkansas native David Adam Byrnes is taking the country music scene by storm with his debut album Premium Country. David made the Billboard Music Charts with his first single Sweet Distraction and has toured around the country. His music videos have been featured on CMT, GAC and The Country Network. He’s written songs with the likes of Chris Young, Josh Thompson and Brian White. I was lucky enough to grab him for a few minutes and drill him with my questions. Here’s what he had to say:

JJ: Hey, David. Thanks so much for stopping in on the blog. It’s always nice to rub elbows with hometown talent. Let’s jump right in. I know you’re a big fan of George Strait. Who else inspires your music?

DAB: Well you nailed it first off, King George is my Hero, but I’ve listened to country music my whole life. As far back as Haggard, Waylon, Conway, George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, to the 80’s and 90’s era of Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt....list could go on for days. Chances are, if it was on country radio, it had an impact on me.

JJ: I know you’re busy writing and making magic in the studio. What’s “A Day in the Life of David Adam Byrnes” like?

DAB: Well I try and get up and get a good workout in every morning, but when you’re on the road there’s usually very limited time in the day. I’m not at the bus level so there’s not the luxury of just going to bed in a bunk and waking up in the next town. I try and get out and see the sights of where we are playing, sound check, and just relax before show time. Of course you never know, a song may get written in there too.

JJ:    You now call Nashville home. Tell me what it was like starting out in Arkansas. How has hometown support been for you?

DAB: Arkansas and especially the Little Rock area have been great. I’ve been on stage since I was a little kid, I’ve had great support from the talent show days, to my first high school band, and the last days I played all the local scenes around home. As far as since I’ve really made a push at the professional level, it’s been amazing. Anytime I have a show back home I can always expect a great crowd to show up. All the radio stations have been great support and spun pretty much any songs I’ve thrown their way, and tried to get me opening slots for any of the bigger artist when they’ve rolled through town. That means a lot because not every artist can say they have that kind of support. It’s a blessing and truly an honor. 

JJ: When you’re not recording and touring, what do you do for fun? 

DAB: Well, obviously, I do a lot of writing, but when I try and get away from it all, I watch a lot of sports, work out, just hang with friends, and I’m a bit of a video game nerd. Haha. But I love getting back to Arkansas when I have time off, go to the lake, go find a bonfire somewhere... just let loose and do all the things I don’t get to enjoy as much of these days.

JJ: Twitter has been phenomenal in connecting me with artists and friends in the music industry. How has social media helped your exposure?

DAB: It’s been amazing. I think it helps us get closer to fans, and fans closer to us. I feel like people can get a better understanding of the artist and who they are as a person, not just the songs you hear us sing. Most of all, it’s a good way for us to cut up and have fun and let the fans interact too.

JJ: I really enjoyed your video for She Only Wanted Flowers. What inspired this song? 

DAB: Well, I think every person has had a relationship where they looked back and realized all the things they did wrong. I’ve had my fair share, but we can spend so much time trying to do all the wrong things, hopefully the song can make you just take a second and really cherish what you may have with a special somebody, whether it’s your significant other, family, or friends.

JJ: I love songs that make you feel something. That’s a great one, David. Anything else you’d like to share? Can we expect a new album out soon?

DAB: We hope to have new music out soon and many more tour dates. I’m currently shopping for a major record label deal so just hang tight with me while we go through the transition, but thanks to all the fans for so much love and support. Without y’all, us artists have no career, and thanks to folks like you for spreading the word about new music!

Lightning Round Favorites:

Drink:  Sweet tea......or jack and diet 
Color:  Arkansas razorback red!!!
Season: Summer
Flavor: Don’t know that I have a favorite flavor but fave food is steak.
Movie:  Close 3 way tie: Pure Country, 8 Seconds, Billy Madison
Band: King George Strait

Thanks again. It was such a pleasure chatting with you, David.  

Say hello to David on Twitter @davidadambyrnes, check his videos out on YouTube and pick up his album Premium Country at iTunes. You don’t want to miss this! 

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