Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Men Are...Well...Dogs. Seriously...

After leaving Pale Rider, I wandered into a neighboring area in Colorado that seemingly had a jumping nightlife. I ducked into Celsius, a bar frequented by a motorcycle club called Dark Breed. I ran headlong into the club’s Sergeant At Arms, Knox Barrett. Equally unimpressed with my “press pass,” Knox conceded to my sweet southern charm and had a drink with me anyway. Now, y’all may have a certain perception of these werewolf type guys. Well, let me tell you something, I wasn’t prepared for this wolf.

Every bit the gentleman, Knox pulled my chair out for me, offered me a cigarette and bought me a drink. Here’s what transpired…

JJ:    Hi, Knox. Thanks for sitting down with me.  

KB:  No problem, babe.  Not sure why you have any desire to BS with me, but I’m all ears…

JJ:    Tell me a little bit about Dark Breed. 

KB:  Is this on the record? Or off? Hmmm…. Okay, well we’re an MC out of Colorado.  Sorry, that stands for Motorcycle Club.  Good group of men all around.  We do charity events, big bike runs and typically create hatred and discontent amongst the locals *grins*

JJ:    How long have you been involved with Dark Breed?

KB:  I’ve been with the club for a little over 16 years now.  They really are my only family. Parents are long since dead, no other siblings… so now, I have a shit ton of brothers.

JJ:    Are all the members werewolves?

KB:  Who told you that?! Werewolves? Are those even real? Okay, okay… yeah, we’re a bunch of filthy dogs.  No accounting for taste, right?

JJ:    You’re obviously that “alpha male” type that drives the girls crazy. Are you spoken for?  

KB:  Now, now, babe… You’re just gonna have to read the story, like everyone else.

JJ:    What’s “A Day in the Life of Knox” like?

KB:  You want another drink? Well, I’m the Sergeant at Arms for the club, so I have to take care of a lot of political crap for the MC world, but I also check in on our investments, make sure the brothers are all doing what they’re supposed to do, and generally make sure we continue to run like a well oiled machine.

JJ:    What do you do for fun?

KB:  I guess the stock answer would be riding around on my Harley, chasin women and creating a general nuisance to the local citizens.  But, honestly, I love workin on my bike, camping, drinkin, playin pool.  I love to ride out through the forest at night, it makes the hair on my arms stand up.  Great fuckin feelin.

JJ:    When can we expect to read your story?

KB:  I’m really hoping it will be out there sometime the end of next year, but who fuckin knows… I keep kickin my writer in the ass, but he can be just as temperamental as me sometimes, so I’ll just have to keep you posted.

JJ:    Anything else you’d like to share?

KB:  I’ll leave you with this, babe… “If you can’t be good, be good at it.” Words to live by.

Lightning Round Favorites:

Drink:  Top shelf Irish whisky
Color:  Red… straight up, obnoxious, in your face, fire engine red…
Season:  Spring
Flavor: Female
Movie:  Unforgiven… The good Clint Eastwood one         
Band:  GnR …. Love me some damn good rock.

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  1. Haha, gotta love those wild men. Fun view Jan!

  2. Awesome interview, J! Who doesn't love a big bad wolf?!!

  3. Great interview! Nice to meet you, knox!